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We are a Japanese izakaya restaurant located in the heart of downtown at 888 Nelson, Vancouver, British Columbia. Haraheri is the perfect destination for co-workers, friends, or companions of any kind who want to enjoy excellent food, drink, or are looking for an elevated Japanese dining experience. 


From date nights to weddings, friendly gatherings to professional events, the restaurant, and patio at 888 Nelson is perfect for accommodating intimate occasions. You can celebrate your special events at Haraheri and in our modern, intimate, and elegant setting you will feel at peace. The delicious food on the rooftop garden will come together to create experiences you will remember forever.


Our space features traditional Japanese design with a modern and hip interpretation that brings the dining room and patio to life. The visual identity of our restaurant is designed to complement and enhance your culinary experience. Here, you will feel like you’re in a new city on a great adventure.


At Haraheri we care deeply for delivering the highest quality dining experience for our guests. From sourcing the freshest ingredients to balancing flavours, and utilizing traditional cooking methods, each step is carefully executed to create Japanese soul food that leaves an impression. 


We invite you to join us tonight.

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